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International working groups

The international working groups emerged from the first degrowth movement assembly in Copenhagen in 2018. They differ from the degrowth realities showed on the map; those are locally organised, while the working groups connect people internationally.

1) Activists and practitioners

The aim of this group is to support degrowth activists/practitioners around the world and to promote international campaigns and collective actions.

The roles of this working group are the following:

1) Support the organization of (decentralized) international degrowth campaigns. Examples for this could be the annual degrowth picnic or online media actions on occasions like Black Friday or Overshoot day.
2) Support the organization of collective and centralized actions where activists from the many different degrowth realities can come together physically. For example a degrowth demonstration for the next COP on climate change, a protest action against a big infrastructure project, etc.
3) Support of activists and practitioner groups, in particular newcomers, by being a reference (per call and email) for people interested to engage with degrowth. It can provide contacts (other groups, experts on certain topics, etc.), materials (literature, graphics, IT tools, etc.), and suggestions to support their ideas and actions.

Contact email: activism-degrowth(at)riseup.net

2. Research

The goal of this group is to create an international community of researchers on the themes of degrowth, ecological sustainability, and social equity.

The community will (at least):
– Exchange results and interests
– Disseminate knowledge, also through a popular vocabulary
– Create opportunities for cooperation and collaboration
– Provide accessibility and give visibility to our research

The first planned actions are:
– Create a platform to host a database of knowledge, including published papers;
– Impulse collaboration on events, projects, papers, etc;
– Inform the others about upcoming conferences, lectures, and other events;
– Start a collaboration with the Education Group for dissemination through popular translation;
– Write articles on locals newspapers/magazines to make our themes easier, clear, accessible, and visible;

Of course there is room for many more proposals. The group self-manages and self-coordinates itself via a mailing list as well as via collaborative web tools, and by meeting face-to-face when possible.

Contact: research@groups.degrowth.net

3. Communication, publishing and editing via degrowth.info

Degrowth.info is the international web portal around degrowth which you are currently visiting.
The webportal is managed by the web editorial team and open for people to contribute.

Conctact: contact@degrowth.info

4. Online communication and networking

This group assembly produces degrowth perspectives on questions around Communication & Networking and is moderated by the Network Operations Centre 2. Here we publish about realities of existing practices. Access to online platform.

Contact: communication@groups.degrowth.net

5. Education

Information will follow soon

6. Narratives of degrowth

Contacts: Frederikke Oldin and Francois Schneider

7. Artists and Designers

Involving and exploring the role of artists and designers in the emergent models of education and production for Degrowth

Key objectives:
1/ Learn to know each other in our diversity
2/ Gathering data and creating dialogues between resources and practices
3/ Connecting Artivism and Design for activism, empowering through emotions in all system strata
4/ Questioning utility and thinking about a “No Design” campaign

Contact: design@groups.degrowth.net