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Support Group

Support group of the International Conferences

The Support Group is the official promoter of the International Conferences. It is composed of people who have been highly involved in the local organizing committees of the previous international conferences. Each organizing committee can propose from one to five people for the Support Group (gender balance is preferred). Our recommendation is that we have a group of a maximum of fifteen people to ensure operative and fast decision-making.

All members of each local organizing committee (LOC) should be informed and consulted on the process by the members they have chosen to represent them in the group. In order to have a smoother and more effective communication, each group has a contact Person (in bold / with link).

- Paris: Francois Schneider
- Barcelona: Brototi Roy and Federico Demaria
- Montreal: Bob Thomson and Yves-Marie Abraham
- Venice: Silvio Cristiano, Jean-Louis Aillon and Chiara Marchetti
- Leipzig: Matthias Schmelzer
- Budapest: Mladen Domazet, Vincent Liegey, Alexandra Köves
- Malmö: Ekaterina Chertkovskaya, Marina Fedorova, and Viktorya Kulikova
- Mexico city: Miguel Valencia
- Vienna: Verena Wolf, Maximilian Hollweg, Nathan Barlow
- IT Support: Gualter Babtista

The Contact Persons are the communicators of the Support Group. They take part in the phone meetings and respond to proposals and communicate with their local group. The Contact Persons are no representatives. They can distribute tasks among the other members of their local LOC members.

There is also a Coordinator of the Support Group. Responsibilities are the organization of group phone calls, reminding of deadlines, making the decision process smooth. The Coordinator has no hierarchical function.
The Coordinator(s) work(s) with the email-address: supportgroup@degrowth.org. At the moment, the coordinators are Marina Fedorova and Silvio Cristiano.

Tasks of the Support Group

– Receiving and evaluating proposals for new conferences;
– Making a decision based on the criteria expressed in the Call (at least one year and a half before the next conference, so as to give enough time to the selected host);
– Following-up, advising, monitoring and, if necessary, participating in the local organizing committee of the next conference.
– Offering a list of names for the Advisory Board for the conferences (from the past conferences) and offers the list as a suggestion to the LOCs

Decision-making process

Concerning the call: the Support Group edits and improves the draft based on the previous Call.

Concerning the selection: once proposals are received, each member of group will express, with a concise comment or comments, which are the three proposals, ranked by preference, that she/he considers most interesting. A complementary option would also be to mark how each proposal scores according to the criteria mentioned in the call (e.g. from 1 to 10). Each member should then express in a concise paragraph, which one of the three proposals that she/he has selected and would like to support and why. Once proposals preferred by most of the members have been identified, the Support Group will try to achieve a consensus, through exchanges, both via mail and email, and then, if necessary, via a phone conference call.

If after one month a decision has not been taken, then the Support Group will vote and the proposal that gets the majority of votes will be selected.

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