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An open letter presented at the 2024 degrowth conference, which calls for addressing inequalities in the degrowth movement


National liberation in Palestine is an indispensable step towards degrowth

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By: Charles Stevenson, Inea Lehner, Feroz Khan

Writing from the encampment for Palestine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Charles Stevenson, Feroz Khan, and Inea Lehner argue that Palestinian liberation must be seen as central to a degrowth transformation


The Geopolitics of Green Colonialism. Global Justice and Ecosocial Transitions

By: Miriam Lang, Mary Ann Manahan, Breno Bringel

The time for denial is over. Across the Global North, the question of how we should respond to the climate crisis has been answered: with a shift to renewables, electric cars, carbon trading and hydrogen. Green New Deals across Europe and North America promise to reduce emissions while creating new jobs. But beneath the sustainability branding, these climate 'solutions' are leading to new en...


6 – 8 Sep 2024

Licheni Festival - Queer Ecology and Degrowth

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This year is the 1st edition of the Licheni Festival, the first in Italy to talk about queer ecology and degrowth

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