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Cultural Recovery Plan though architectural and urban elements: relations between Lorca and Leipzig

MarĂ­a Ybarra Enguix

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Scientific paper

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Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014


Immaterial Heritage, urban planning, identity, collective memory, know-how

Abstract: Within this paper we picked two specific study cases: Lorca and Leipzig. We consider both as singular study cases but with the idea of answering a broad urban problematic. There are two current topics that this research will attempt to link together. The first is the present definition of the term, Cultural Heritage, within the current context of urban and architectural design. The other topic is the limitations and challenges that public administrations encounter when tasked to reconstruct a city or a region after a natural disaster or stressing situation. We underline the important task of public space and criticise the gentrification1 strategies undertaken by the public administrations in such cases. This revision will not only deal with palpable architecture or; What is a Monument or a Industrial complex? As well as; How and When do we define, or redefine, Identity, for an area in the process of recovery?
Keywords: Immaterial Heritage, urban planning, identity, collective memory, know-how
Narrative Step: visions or strategies for transformation

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