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Culture and communication of a de-growth project. Some lessons from the case of the Brazilian Fora do Eixo Circuit

Maximiliano Vila Seoane

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Scientific paper

Year of publication:

Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014


Abstract: Culture and communication are areas under the all-embracing infinite growth and development discourse, like the popular "creative industries" approach. However, such frameworks generate in many developing countries dynamics against de-growth projects, because they favor concentration and cultural dominance of small regions over larger ones. This justifies the need to increase research and discussions in such areas, apart from new actions to counterattack these challenges. The aim of my presentation will be to illustrate general points to deal with challenges in the area of culture and communication for any sort of de-growth project, I will base my exposition on the innovative practices that the Brazilian network “Fora do Eixo” (Off Axis) has been using. This includes: the use of social and solidarity economy practices like having their own currencies; the creation of alternative media that use the web intensively and diffuse different contents; and the creation of a university that aims to create and diffuse commons.

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