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Degrowth, Black America, and Restorative Justice

Brian Gilmore

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Degrowth Conference Montreal 2012


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Introduction: In Serge Latouche’s 2009 book, FAREWELL TO GROWTH, he specifically mentions the injustice of racial bias (and bias in general) in the world today. It is important because it is discussed within the context of economic growth. Latouche writes that “we resist, and must resist all forms of racism and discrimination (skin color, sex, religion, ethnicity...),” biases he insist are “all too common in the West today.” Latouche’s ideas are important for considering “degrowth” because racial bias and the historical problems presented by that bias, in the United States, continues despite efforts to address it in a significant manner. The recent murder of the African-American teenager, Trayvon Martin and the reaction to the killing along racial lines, among many other incidents, demonstrated the degree to which racism continues to be an issue in the U.S. even in a society described as “post-racial” by many. “Decroissance” or “degrowth,” the “political slogan” or “banner” that seeks to challenge “growth” or “development” (at least, the continued path of development) would need to include strong resistance to racial bias and a path to more racial equality with respect to African-Americans due to the enduring racial bias in the U.S. if it is to become embraced, “Degrowth,” in whole, or in part, depending upon how it is presented, would be attractive to African-Americans conceptually if racial inequality and bias is also addressed within the context of the implementation of “degrowth.” . . .

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