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Degrowth-compatible environmentalism in Europe – a cross-national empirical analysis

Mladen Domazet, Branko Ančić, Logan Richardson

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Scientific paper

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European Society for Ecological Economics


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Keywords: Degrowth, environmentalism, attitudes survey, comparative, Europe

Abstract: We review empirical cross-national survey data that could arguably contribute to the understanding of possible confluences between environmental justice and degrowth movements. If the environmental degradation is ever more present in the media, if the global networking is tighter than ever before allowing for both information and empathy with hitherto unfamiliar and severely affected regions of the world, why is there no political response in Eastern Europe to match that threat? Rather than focusing on individual concern and behaviours, in recent analyses we have also looked into commitment to general societal development characteristics through indicators in the ISSP (ISSP 2012) survey expressing general normative economy environment trade-offs, and its global justice consequences. According to indicators of the normative level of support for environmental limits of economic growth Eastern European countries do not differ from Western European ones. The prosperity thesis trend, often taken to describe the standard prevalence of environmentalism in Europe, slackens and reverses on these degrowth-compatible measures. Whilst there are differences in prosperity, environmental impact and environmental activation between the societies of core and semiperipheral Europe, surprising commonalities are uncovered through a degrowth-compatible framing.

12th Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics: Programme and Abstract Book
Budimpešta, Mađarska, 2017. str. 166-167 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, znanstveni)

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