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Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Communicating Degrowth

Dario Krpan, Frédéric Basso, Tom Smith , Lucía Muñoz Sueiro, Justus Baumann, Vegard Beyer

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Vienna Conference 2020


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Standard session (discussion following 4 presentations)

  1. The Psychology of Degrowth Adoption: Insights from the Perspectives of the Utopian Impulse and the Regulatory Focus Theory - video
    We investigated how to influence people’s support for degrowth, and whether such influence may be subject to individual differences regarding transformative social change. To do so, we adopted the regulatory focus theory—one of the most widely used theoretical frameworks in social psychology—and used it to frame how degrowth is communicated to people. We also investigated the Utopian Impulse—a core personality trait that determines people’s propensity to pursue transformative social change.
    Presenters: Dario Krpan & Frédéric Basso

  2. Transformations Beyond Growth: A Diverse Practices Approach - video
    This talk stages a conversation between diverse economies and practice theory literatures, outlining the distinct paths these two areas of scholarship have taken to explore current patterns of growth. It argues that their simultaneous consideration would benefit radical and critical scholarship, especially in understanding the complexities of social change.
    Presenters: Tom Smith

  3. An anthropological contribution to degrowth - video
    Social Anthropology has great potential to contribute to degrowth debates and proposals, hardly explored until now. I propose three ways to do so, further exploring one of them, inspired by the question: what can be recovered from the near past, still accessible in the present, for the future? The degrowth project needs new images, ideas, and practices, but it also needs to selectively retrieve those traditional local pre-globalization practices and knowledge aligned with a degrowth society, involving the elders of our society in the creation of pathways for a degrowth transition.
    Presenters: Lucía Muñoz Sueiro

  4. How to communicate & organize the Degrowth movement better - video
    We argue that strategic, motivation-oriented communications and scalable, mission-centric organising are crucial bottlenecks for the degrowth movement’s success. We have three key recommendations for the movement to master the challenges that climate change communication has struggled with.
    Presenters: Justus Baumann & Vegard Beyer

Language: English with translation to German

Technical details: Standard A2_Communicating Degrowth_discussion.mkv, Matroska video, 40.7MB

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