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Degrowth Vienna 2020 - The Awesome Life: Why Degrowthers Need to Talk about the Feeling of Entropy

Michael Deflorian, Karoline Kalke

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Vienna Conference 2020


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Presentation [part of the standard session "Limits, Ethics, Unsustainability and Change"]

Critical views of consumerism are widely shared among degrowthers. However, there is a risk of overlooking a particular affective dimension of consumption: the ‘entropic feeling’. The latter is triggered when we surpass the biophysical limits of our human body and come to enjoy the pleasures of dense energy, e.g. when we drive cars or drink coffee. Taking a critical and re-constructive stance towards what we call the ‘awesome life’ might increase the affective and strategic capacity of degrowth.

Presenters: Michael Deflorian (Institute for Social Change and Sustainability, WU Vienna), Karoline Kalke (Institute for Social Change and Sustainability, WU Vienna)

Language: English with German translation

Technical details: Standard A5_Michael DEFLORIAN&Karoline Kalke_The Awesome Life_ Why Degrowthers Need to Talk about the Feeling of Entropy.mp4, MPEG-4 video, 53.5MB

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