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Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Via radical social reforms towards a counter-hegemony?

Ulrich Schachtschneider, Frank Adler, Jana Flemming, Barbara Sennholz-Weinhard, Ellen Ehmke

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Vienna Conference 2020


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Special session

How could counter-hegemony become realistic, which is necessary for a democratic transition? Our thesis: We need a bundle of “non-reformist reforms” (Gorz) which tie on everyday social needs and problems (time pressure, fears of future or descent, deficient recognition etc.) and propose alternative ways of their satisfaction or solution. The chances and barriers of this strategy will be discussed and specified with regard to basic income, working time reduction and redistribution of wealth.

Presenters: Dr. Ulrich Schachtschneider (Basic Income Europe), Dr. Barbara Sennholz-Weinhard (Oxfam), Dr. Frank Adler (Sociologist), Jana Flemming (University of Jena), Dr. Ellen Ehmke (Oxfam)

Language: English with translation to German

Technical details: SP A3_Via radical social reforms towards a counter-hegemony_trimmed.mkv, Matroska video, 380.0MB

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