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Organizing for the post - growth economy

Christian Garmann Johnsen, Mette Nelund, Lena Olaison, Bent Meier Sørensen

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Scientific paper

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ephemara journal


Abstract of the Special Issue: Perpetual economic growth is an underlying assumption of the contemporary organization of capitalist society. The idea of growth is embedded not only in the corpus of economic thought but also in economic institutions. Against this backdrop, this special issue opens up for critical and creative thinking around organizational issues related to growth, economy, sustainability, and ecology. The contributions found in this special issue revolve around themes that are central to the problem of organizing for a post-growth economy, including such phenomena as the circular economy, carbon markets, food production, not-for-profit enterprises, and degrowth. Using a variety of theoretical resources as well as empirical material, these contributions rethink the relationship between growth and organization. The issue includes four papers, two notes, two roundtable discussions, and four book reviews.

ephemera 17(1) , February 2017

Contributions from the issue in the media library:
> Against wasted politics: A critique of the circular economy
> Carbon trading dogma: Theoretical assumptions and practical implications of global carbon markets
> Shape of things to come: From the ‘laws of form’ to management in the post-growth economy
> Looking to food sovereignty movements for post-growth theory
> The vocabulary of degrowth: A roundtable debate

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