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Jacob Smessaert


Jacob is currently doing a PhD in environmental social sciences at Utrecht University, focusing on democratic praxis in alternative food networks.

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Joe Herbert

Blog and Communications

Joe is a researcher based in London, and has been part of the degrowth.info team since 2018. He holds a PhD in Human Geography on imaginaries of socio-ecological crisis and transformation, and is a member of Degrowth London. He enjoys music, books and train travelling.

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Nathan Barlow

Coordination, Fundraising and Blog

Nathan is currently a PhD candidate at the WU in Vienna. His research focuses on degrowth and strategies for social ecological transformation. He is an active member of Degrowth Vienna, and recently edited a collected volume titled "Degrowth & Strategy: how to bring about social ecological transformation". He enjoys working with well-organized groups to realize collective goals.

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Minna Käyrä


Minna has a background in organisational and environmental studies. Her research focuses on sustainability challenges of travelling and transportation sector. She lives in Helsinki and dedicates most of her time to caring for her family.

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Noémie Cadiou

Library & blog

Noémie (she/her) is a degrowth activist with an academic background in human geography. When she is not busy working on degrowth.info projects, she supports the infrastructure and organisation of the International Degrowth Network. She’s been in the movement since joining the editorial team of the collected volume Degrowth & Strategy in 2020. She is also a keen cyclist and dreams of a degrowth world where music, art and bikepacking holidays define a new norm.

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Olzhas Toleutay


Olzhas [/ɔːl'ʒas, ɔːl'dʒas/] is a student studying Computer Science based in Astana, Kazakhstan

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Constanza Hepp


Constanza studied Journalism in Santiago and Human Ecology in Lund . She is currently living in northern Italy, caring for her family and establishing a CSA project. She is creating a bridge between academic activism & social practices.

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Carol Bardi


is a Brazilian feminist economist and researcher currently finishing her master's at the Copernicus Institute at Utrecht University with a UES scholarship. When not playing football or training MMA, Carol enjoys discussing ways to build a decolonial society based on happiness for all beings. She believes in autonomous movements, commonality, and sport as a tool for community building.

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Joëlle Saey-Volckrick


Joëlle (she/her) is a lecturer in Ecological Economics at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR). She lives in Grenoble, France, where she is involved in a local food cooperative. Her work seeks to build bridges between the academia and social movements.