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About Winne van Woerden

Winne van Woerden is the Degrowth and Caring Economy project lead at Commons Network, an Amsterdam-based collaboratory for the social and ecological transition. She has a background in Global Health,  specifically in Political Economy of Health and Planetary Health, and is currently obtaining a second master's in Degrowth: Policy, Economy and Ecology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She is the lead author of the booklet 'Living well on a finite planet: Building a caring world beyond growth' that was published in November 2021.

Care • 20.12.2021

Wanted for planetary health: a degrowth transformation rooted in caring commoning practices

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By: Winne van Woerden

If we are to accept degrowth in wealthy nations as the only sane and just response to the deterioration of the planetary biosphere, how should we reorganize care and reconceptualize health? We know that a degrowth transformation will require a fundamental reorganization of societal structures underlying growth-focused economies in the Global North. The structures dedicated to our health needs a...