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About Degrowth journal

Degrowth journal is an academic, open-access, international, transdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that focuses on contributions in and around the topic of degrowth.

The founding members of the collective are Tor Persson (administrator), Timothée Parrique (editor), Scott Leatham (editor), Sabrina Chakori (editor), Nick Fitzpatrick (editor), Eeva Houtbeckers (editor), Enrique Mejia (editor), and Ben Robra (editor).

Announcements • 23.05.2023

Degrowth journal goes live

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By: Degrowth journal

The first publications of the Degrowth Journal are online!

Announcements • 09.02.2022

The manifesto of Degrowth journal

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By: Degrowth journal

After decades of research, the time has come: degrowth now has its own journal.