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Beyond Degrowth – Global South Talk Series: Emilia Reyes


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While Degrowth has sparked enthusiasm and hope in Europe, it's met with skepticism in the global south. Why the divide?

Join us for insightful and genuine discussions uncovering the nuances, tensions, and potential collaborations between the Degrowth movement and Global South Movements.

Mark your calendars for three talks, We are honored to have esteemed academics and activists sharing their expertise.

  • Lebohang Liepollo Pheko –13th March 2024: 13:30 PM (CET)
  • Ashish Kothari –19th March 2024: 13:30 PM (CET)
  • Emilia Reyes – 28th March 2024: 18:00 PM (CET)

Each session will run from 1h – 1h & 30 minutes. Subscribe here!

You can't attend this event? Watch the recording of the sessions here.

This series is hosted by the Global South Working Group Circle of the International Degrowth Network (IDN).

The IDN is a collective of organizations, activists, researchers, artists and practitioners committed to promoting and strategizing for degrowth. Established only 6 months ago, the IDN focuses on international cooperation, diverse narratives, community building, public awareness, and implementing degrowth strategies.

The Global South Working Group is actively seeking comrades! Join or learn more on degrowth.net

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Growth damages the climate. We need new paths to prosperity

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By: Joël Foramitti

Technological pipe dreams and the fixation on perpetual growth have prevented effective climate policies for decades "Happiness does not pay pensions", said the Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos. The statement aimed to criticize the idea of a “post-growth” or “degrowth” society, which has received increasing attention in light of the climate crisis....


A Green New Deal beyond growth (II) - Some steps forward

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By: Elena Hofferberth

Among the proposals of how to address the climate crisis, calls for a Green New Deal (GND) have recently gained a lot of traction. Riccardo Mastini's article laid out much of the content of current GND proposals as well as criticism from the degrowth perspective. While critical scrutiny is absolutely crucial to ensure that ideas for change truly live up to their goals it is also importa...


Use and Abuse of the “Natural Capital” Concept


By: Herman Daly

Some people object to the concept of “natural capital” because they say it reduces nature to the status of a commodity to be marketed at its exchange value. This indeed is a danger, well discussed by George Monbiot. Monbiot’s criticism rightly focuses on the monetary pricing of natural capital. But it is worth clarifying that the word “capital” in its original non-monetary sense means “a stock ...