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Manchester will host the next International Degrowth and International Society for Ecological Economics joint conference in 2020

By: The Support Group of the International Conferences on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability, Social Equity


The Support Group of the International Conferences on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity met in Villarceaux, outside Paris, at the end of January. It was decided that the 7th International Degrowth Conference will take place in Manchester at the beginning of September 2020. The Manchester local organising committee sent a very strong application titled "Building Alternative Livelihoods in times of ecological and political crisis" and has already started to work on the organisation. This conference will take place 1-5 September 2020 and we are delighted to announce that it will be the first ever Degrowth and International Society for Ecological Economics joint conference. More information about the calls for participation, the deadlines, the registration, and the programmes will be published later.

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The Support Group has also renewed its crew and the roles of coordination. Corinna, Federico, and Lidija left and are substituted by Szandra (Budapest), Joël (Barcelona), and Matthias (Leipzig). Katya, Marina, and Viktorya from the Malmö LOC have also joined the group. Marina and Silvio have been appointed as the new group coordinators. More about the outcomes of the support group meeting can be read on here. The aim of the Support Group is to foster international cooperation around degrowth and increase its visibility mainly by ensuring the continuity of the international conferences. These conferences are platforms for open face-to-face dialogue and occasions for strengthening other degrowth activities. In a transition period of two years the support group assists its members’ engagement in fostering the self-management of a structured degrowth network. Among the outcomes of the last 2 years' support of the international degrowth movements and realities beyond the conferences are the creation of a map and international working groups, which met in Copenhagen ahead of the Malmö conference. These groups have remained active after the conference and are networking further and organising actions, such as the Global Degrowth Day on June 1st, sharing and translating research, or extending stories and narratives of degrowth on the new "Degrowth Agora". For any questions or proposals, please contact us via supportgroup@degrowth.org. https://www.degrowth.info/en/conferences/support-group/

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