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Regional Working Groups

Australia: Simplicity Institute

Austria: Degrowth Vienna and Degrowth Graz

Basque country: Desazkundea

Belgium: Debating Degrowth Belgium (facebook & mailing list)

Canada: Degrowth Collective (Toronto), Snails Collective (Ottowa), and Degrowth Canada

Denmark: Degrowth Groupies in Cph

France: Maison Commune de la Décroissance (MCD), Parti pour la Décroissance

Germany: PostWachstum.de, Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie

Italy: Decrescita, Decrescita Felice

Latin-America: Decrecimiento Latino America

The Netherlands: Ontgroei

New Zealand/Aotearoa: Degrowth Aotearoa

Portugal: Rede para o Decrescimento

Quebec: Décroissance conviviale au Québec, Polémos

Spain: Research & Degrowth (R&D)

Sweden: Institutet för nerväxtstudier

Switzerland: Degrowth Switzerland, Réseau Objection de Croissance

Turkey: Degrowth Turkey

UK: Degrowth UK

USA: DegrowUS

Are you part of a regional group that you would like to add to this list? Write to us at contact@degrowth.info!

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