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De-growth and critical community psychology: Contributions towards individual and social well-being

Alfredo Natale, Salvatore Di Martino, Fortuna Procentese, Caterina Arcidiacono

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Keywords: Degrowth; Critical community psychology; Well-being; Decolonisation of the imaginary; Reciprocity; Social justice

Abstract: This contribution sets out to combine the perspective of the degrowth paradigm with that of Critical Community psychology. Following the degrowth argument, the advancement of human well-being calls for a shift from growth-based societies to ones grounded in the ethos of degrowth. In this regard, we acknowledge the necessity for both theoretical principles and examples of good practice, which can lead to this transition. To this end, the article combines some of the underlying principles of the degrowth paradigm (i.e. decolonisation of the imaginary, reciprocity and conviviality, and environmental sustainability) with those of Critical Community Psychology, as well as, in one case, of Liberation Psychology (i.e. conscientisation and de-ideologisation, responsible togetherness, and environmental justice). This integration intends to equip academic scholars, practitioners, and social activists with visions and practices for the implementation of strategic actions aimed at individual and social well-being. The article concludes with a thorough reflection on social justice and how to better promote it through the combined contributions of both degrowth and Critical Community psychology.

Futures: Volumes 78–79, April–May 2016, Pages 47–56

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