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Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Bursting Platform

Maša Hawlina, Asja Hrvatin, Nicoleta Nour, Sara Pistotnik, Lana Zdravković, Ajda Pistotnik

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Vienna Conference 2020


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Special session

Bursting Platform is bringing under a spotlight feminization of politics and exploration of possibilities of co-creating and opening a new political space – a platform for building stronger connections between various initiatives, places, women activists covering diverse, but relevant topics that bring into effect needed new alliances. Five themes will be presented by five activists and researchers from Ljubljana: They will share their theoretical and practical know how or struggles regarding their topics. The bursting platform supports and actively engages women activists, progressive and radical thinkers, who are experimenting with new political practices, imagining and trying out alternatives withing degrowth thinking.

Presenters: Maša Hawlina (Institute for Housing and Space studies), Asja Hrvatin (No Border Craft), Nicoleta Nour (Youth for Climate Justice), Sara Pistotnik (Studies in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Ljubljana), Lana Zdravković (Peace Institute), Ajda Pistotnik (EnaBanda Association)

Language: English with translation to German

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