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Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Civil disobedience as a strategy for degrowth

Sarah Fromm, Simon Schöning

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Vienna Conference 2020


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Civil disobedience is emerging as a key element employed in the fight for environmental and climate justice and for raising awareness about some of the most urgent crises. The aim of the session is to develop a better understanding of civil disobedience and how it may be used strategically in the degrowth process. Nonviolent protest played a fundamental role in the anti-apartheid movement, the civil rights movement, as well as labour and peace movements across the world. Recent years have seen the rapid spread and upscaling of collective actions of civil disobedience by environmental and climate justice movements. While the context for nonviolent resistance may differ based on the expressed politics and ideology of these movements, sometimes evoking critical questions about race, gender, or cooperation with state authority, more often than not actions are explicitly linked with the aspirations of the degrowth movement. This begs the question of how civil disobedience should first be understood, and second how it may be used more explicitly as a strategy for degrowth.

Presenters: Sara Fromm (Member of Research & Degrowth and Climate Justice Activist), Simon Schöning (Researcher and Consultant, Climate Justice Activist)

Language: English

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