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Education for socio-ecological transformations

Christoph Sanders, Daniel Bendix, Anne Pinnow, Bethany Wilson

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Scientific paper

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Degrowth Conference Budapest 2016


Up to now, the discourse on Degrowth doesn't adequately address the relevance of culture for economic growth. Yet, analyzing how cultural patterns shape our lifestyles, habits and thinking is crucial for socio-ecological transformations. In this context, education plays a preeminent role: How does the content of education, its organization and structure prepare individuals for a growth society in terms of knowledge, skills and values? What kind of education do we need for transformations? Which promising alternatives already exist and do they match with existing visions? These questions were already raised during the former Degrowth Conferences. Yet, their answering is an ongoing process of research, practical experiences and deliberation.

On the basis of existing results, we divide the field of “Education for socio-ecological transformations” into four subfields to be tackled by the contributions of this session.

1 The nexus between economic growth, the modern culture and education

2 Content and didactics in the current standard education systems and teaching requirements for socio-ecological transformations

3 Existing alternatives in the light of visions for education in a Degrowth society

4 Strategical and power related questions of how to provide appropriate education opportunities

The session includes a variety of research – especially cultural studies, positive psychology, educational theory and heterodox economics. Scientific insight will be connected to the practical experiences of organizations teaching political economy in the context of socio-ecological transformations.

After three inputs, the contributors will participate in a moderated discussion.

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This media entry was a contribution to the special session „Education for socio-ecological transformations“ at the 5th International Degrowth Conference in Budapest in 2016.

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