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Learning for and in a Degrowing Society

Christiane Richard-Elsner

Entry type:
Scientific paper

Year of publication:

Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014


Learning, own experiences, neurobiology, neighbourhood

Abstract: Neurobiology tells us that learning takes place everywhere and at every time. The brain shapes itself according to the sensations taken up. Own experiences and own emotions best help to build up long lasting structures. ChildrenĀ“s need to play and explore is suited best for it. Modern societies with the focus on economic growth are characterised by specialised professions and specialised use of spaces. Children have their own spaces, created only for them, and often they cannot reach them by their own. Time is structured and filled with activities strongly influenced by the requirements of adults. A diverse neighbourhood with multifunctional spaces, small businesses and gardens, where children reach interesting places to play and act with children or with adults, would be best for learning. Physical and mental health are good prerequisites for concentrated lessons in school.
Keywords: Learning, own experiences, neurobiology, neighbourhood

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