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Let’s Degrow Up and Grow Down!

François Schneider

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Francois Schneider defends the use of the term "degrowth".

From the text: . . . If degrowth was the name of a multinational of toothpaste, Drews and Antal would be right: degrowth is not the right word to gain (market) competition. However degrowth is not just about raising attention, being interesting, provocative, easy to remember. It actually has a meaning! When I was doing a tour of conferences to support degrowth, the reactions were clear, people could give a meaning to degrowth, but not to other notions like sustainable development, sustainable consumption, green growth, etc. I think they would not understand the same thing than degrowth with the concept of “Delight & Equity growth” proposed by Antal. The message of D.E.growth is nice, but it misses some important aspects. . . .

> Article by Miklós Antal which this one reacts on

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