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Making power asymmetries visible

Leonie Sontheimer, Karoline Pöggel, Camila Nobrega

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"This blog entry is based on the assignment given to use during the Summer School on Degrowth and Environmental Justice from June 25th – July 7th 2017. Instead of looking outside for an issue to target for the assignment, we decided to use this task to look inside the Summer School and to make power asymmetries in this space visible. We came up with this topic while having coffee and cake on the busy Plaza de la Vireeina in Gracia, Barcelona. Behind us lay a highly emotional Toxic Tour through a suburb neighbourhood called Montcada. After the long day, enjoying the extra hours of summertime, we sat in the lively plaza and started talking and sharing our experiences and feelings in an informal way. We realized that if it felt important to share our emotions and how we experienced different parts of the Summer School, and decided it could be meaningful for the group as a whole to share our experiences, dialoguing with the content and debates we were having during those days." (Excerpt from the article)

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