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Post Growth City - the role of the Transition Town movement and urban planning (a case study in Bielefeld)

Janina Westerkowski

Entry type:
Scientific paper

Year of publication:

Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014


post growth city, urban planning, transition town movement, Scenarios and models of a post-growth economy

Abstract: A study concerning spatial structures that support the transition to post growth societies shows the need of cooperation between urban planning and citizen players. Concluding that post growth needs space and players. Space for local production of food and goods, local possibilities for repair and conversion and the support of social life and community. Players are needed in bottom up as well as top down approaches to support the transition. The observed group of Transition Town Bielefeld as a player of citizens follows the principles of a post growth society and plays an important role to kick of a civil movement. Their counterpart is the urban planning who is indispensable when it comes to the development of spatial structures. The collaboration of these players is of prime importance.

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