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Public Spaces: Everyday Resistance and alternative Societies

Anne Dietrich, Vera Denzer, Jörg Gertel

Entry type:
Scientific paper

Year of publication:

Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014


Abstract: The paper investigates urban public spaces as sites of daily resistance from theoretical and empirical points of view. Particular attention is paid to different forms of protest against social orders that find their expressions in nonconformist appropriations of space. Thus the contribution addresses the conference’s narrative step ‘Facing the Current Crisis: Critique and Resistance’. In order to explore the routines of everyday resistance and to identify both, its diversity and similarities, two protest campaigns from Leipzig serve as examples: Firstly the art project ‘PROtest’ that (i.a.) equipped showcases at the façade of a newly built retail food store. Secondly the protest spectacle ‘Global Space Odyssey’ (GSO): since 2001 every summer the GSO uses thumping bass beats and dancing performances to raise consciousness for key problems of urban development politics and processes of exclusion. We focus – apart from other committed people – on the urban youth as predestined social shifters.

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