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Time, as we know it, is largely a social construct. With so much of our autonomy taken away by the pandemic—particularly our freedom of movement and, for many of us, ability to earn an income— we’ve had to do what humans always do and make do with what we have, get creative, and focus our time and energy on the reciprocal networks of care that are so essential for our survival.


Beating the Clock: A review of 'Four Thousand Weeks' and 'Breaking Things at Work'


By: Tom Smith

In November 2021, more than 4.5 million people voluntarily left their jobs in the US, the highest number since records began. Popularly known as the ‘Great Resignation’, the ongoing rejection of work-as-we-knew-it may not be a social movement in the normal sense of the term, but it is certainly a sign of rolling social upheaval. The increasing bargaining power of labour in the Covid economy, an...


27 – 1 Jun 2022

International Summer School of Political Ecology 2022

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New concepts for just transitions: Towards living well within planetary boundaries

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