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A reflection from participants of the Life After Growth summer school which took place in Kalentzi, Greece, in September 2023, and sought to rethink how we value, care for and nurture our collective affairs through the commons.


An interview with Climate Vanguard

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By: The degrowth.info editorial team., Climate Vanguard

degrowth.info speaks to Climate Vanguard, the UK-based organisation seeking to radicalise the youth climate movement around ecosocialism.


The Degrowth Movement from the Perspective of the Simpler Way

By: Ted Trainer

De-growth involves many strands and intellectual differences. Many within the environmental movement in general, and within Degrowth in particular, do not recognize the magnitude and significance of the problem of growth. Even though they have some notion of basic limits and footprint figures, they fail to grasp the enormity of the implications. A just world order is inconceivable unless that e...


30 – 31 May 2024

Beyond Growth Conference: Denmark 2024

Wellbeing Economy Alliance DK brings together experts, decision-makers, and socially engaged organizations and citizens for a conference on 30-31 May in Copenhagen. The purpose is to explore and discuss the potential of the wellbeing economy in Denmark, in the EU and globally.  With the wellbeing economy as a framework and 1000 expected participants, the conference will open up for cross-sector...

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