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Session 6: Transitioning to a degrowth future: naïve or revolutionary?

April 18th, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time).

With Barbara Muraca, Hubert Buch-Hansen and the moderator Justin Podur.

Discussion on the potential pathways for a degrowth transition. Is it a feasible path forward? Is feasibility even the right yardstick when it comes to assessing transitions and transformations? What are the main challenges and advantages to a degrowth future?

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A Green New Deal for an ecological economy

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By: Sam Bliss, Leah Temper

Introducing a series of proposals for a truly transformative GND The Green New Deal is on everyone’s lips and policy platforms. Liberal pundit Thomas Friedman coined the term in 2007, and Left parties in the UK called for a Green New Deal during the recession that followed the 2008 global financial crash. Last year, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez rebooted the idea in the United Sta...


A blog series on strategy in the degrowth movement


By: Nathan Barlow

My colleagues and I wrote an initial blog post arguing that the question of strategy has received too little attention in the degrowth movement, and by degrowth scholars. Further, we observed that the discourse on strategy in degrowth was excessively plural, being open to all strategies in all contexts, rather than considering case-appropriateness (spatially, temporally, sectorally etc.). Th...


Indonesia: A Newcomer in the Consumption Delirium

Grand indonesia shopping mall

By Bernard Herry Priyono Grand Indonesia is a gigantic shopping mall at the heart of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Across its gate is Plaza Indonesia, another luxury shopping destination for the country’s elite and middle classes. The malls’ isles are always lined with sleek Italian sports cars, German premium BMW and Mercedes-Benz or grand British-made Bentleys. Thirty-five years ago the...