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Session 6: Transitioning to a degrowth future: naïve or revolutionary?

April 18th, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time).

With Barbara Muraca, Hubert Buch-Hansen and the moderator Justin Podur.

Discussion on the potential pathways for a degrowth transition. Is it a feasible path forward? Is feasibility even the right yardstick when it comes to assessing transitions and transformations? What are the main challenges and advantages to a degrowth future?

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Degrowth: an active project of hope

20170409 160359 scaled

By: François Schneider, Joanna Pope

Degrowth is a movement that explores another direction for society, one where ecological and social justice become possible, along with more meaningful lives. While there is no single definition for degrowth, this entry attempts to offer some guidance for understanding degrowth in all its diversity. First, degrowth is a variety of challenges to the current status quo. Secondly, degrowth ...


From Post-Growth Society to Sufficiency Politics

Sufficiency politics map

By: Angelika Zahrnt

When our book Post-Growth Society was published in 2010 in German, the term was entirely unheard of. Today, Post-Growth is the harsh reality in many countries, but this phenomenon is considered to be transitory. Governmental investment subsidies and infrastructure spending, consumer incentive programs and a generous monetary policy are supposed to re-stimulate growth. Additional governmental e...


Making Another World Possible Will Require Radical Alternatives - Impressions from the World Social Forum


By Ashish Kothari If sheer enthusiasm can deliver ‘another world’, the opening rally of the World Social Forum in Tunis on 24th March held much promise. Thousands of women and men, young and old, vociferous and quiet, a colourful multitude of sloganeering, banner-holding, dancing and singing braved rain and well-below expected temperatures to march from the historic Bab Sadoun to the iconic Ba...