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I’m in the Degrowth master’s program at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and in one of my classes on housing we were asked to envision: what would a transition to a degrowth society look like in your community? I’ve lived in different parts of New England like Connecticut and Boston throughout my life, but recently moved to central Maine for the first time last year with my partner who grew up here. So, my response kind of blended elements of the places I grew up in and the town we landed in.

Housing • 22.10.2020

Squat the crisis!

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By: #kraakdecrisis

October 1st marked the 10th anniversary since squatting was criminalized in the Netherlands. This infamous decision by the Dutch state led to an immense increase of speculation in the housing market, doubling the average cost of housing in just 10 years. ‘Coincidentally’, over the same period homelessness has also doubled, and social inequalities have skyrocketed. All of this before the effects...

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