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Blog • 31.08.2018

Looking back on the 6th International Degrowth Conference for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity

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By: the Degrowth web portal team

Last week, from the 21st until the 25th of August 2018, the 6th International Degrowth Conference for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity took place in Malmö, Sweden. It was organized by an international group and the newly formed Institutet för nerväxtstudier (Institute for degrowth studies). Around 800 people discussed about "Dialogues in turbulent times". This article will give you a...

Blog • 30.10.2018

Wachstum vorprogrammiert – Der blinde Fleck der Klimaschutzszenarien

Sans titre

By: Kai Kuhnhenn

Am 8. Oktober veröffentlichte der IPCC seinen Sonderbericht über 1,5°C Erwärmung. Aus diesem aktuellen Anlass reposten wir Kai Kuhnhenns kritischen Blogbeitrag zu Klimaschutzszenarien der auf einer längeren Analyse fußt. Im Auftrag der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung hat Kai seine Kritik auch nochmal auf die Szenarien des IPCC zugespitzt, die entsprechende Kurzstudie findet sich hier. Wir alle benutz...

Blog • 19.10.2018

Gathering degrowth in the American pluriverse

Degrowus2018 haymarket

By: Sam Bliss

“When you told your friends and family you were going to a degrowth gathering, they asked, ‘What is degrowth?’ How did you respond?” The 2018 degrowUS gathering from September 28-30 2018 in Chicago began with this question. The first day’s thirty-odd attendees wrote their responses on sticky notes as they scraped the last bites of lunch off the dishes the event’s organizers had told them to ...

Blog • 11.10.2018

The Easy Way Out of Rebound Effects

Rebound effect

By: Blake Alcott

Environmental protection is needed because we take useful things out of nature and put useless or harmful things back in. The resulting depletion and pollution have reached harmful, unsustainable levels. We know that voluntary behaviour change, led by an elite that encourages, fosters and politely ‘nudges’ the masses, won’t do it. Legislated solutions are needed on the principle of ‘I will if y...

Blog • 03.10.2018

Beyond visions and projects: the need for a debate on strategy in the degrowth movement

Summer school degrowth environmental justice 2018 138

By: Joe Herbert, Nathan Barlow, Iris Frey, Christoph Ambach, Pietro Cigna

Degrowth: lost in plurality? There seems to exist a gap in the degrowth discourse around the question of how to move towards a degrowth society. This brings to our attention an important concept - that of strategy. Here, we will use the word ‘strategy’ to refer to how the ends (i.e. a degrowth society) is achieved by the means. Having spent a number of years probing into the degrowth discour...

Blog • 26.09.2018

Are European politics compatible with post-growth?

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By: Nina Treu, Riccardo Mastini, Joëlle Saey-Volckrick

This and many other questions around European politics were discussed at the first Post-growth conference, which took place at the EU Parliament on September 18 and 19. Hosted by ten Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from five party families, it attracted around 600 people to Brussels. Through panel (and solely panel) discussions, they engaged in debates around economic models, technolo...