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In October of this year Giorgos Kallis, Julia Steinberger and Jason Hickel were awarded 9.9 million euros by the European Research Council (ERC) for a project titled Pathways towards post growth deals. This constitutes the largest ever sum of funding for a degrowth research project! We interviewed Giorgos Kallis to find out more about this important milestone!

Culture • 21.11.2022

Was documenta15 a Degrowth Art Event?

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By: Julian Willming

In 2022, art collectives and curators of documenta15 restructured the practice of producing and presenting art: away from classicism and economical individualism towards a culture of commoning knowledge, sufficiency and embodied community. Is documenta15 thus a degrowth art event? Yes, to some extent. The way it failed demonstrates an important lesson for the degrowth movement.

Care • 02.11.2022

Same storm, different boats: COVID-19 and gendered time

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By: Clare Hollins

One truism that’s emerged during the pandemic is that while we’re all in the same storm, we’re riding it out in very different boats. Of key concern here is the pandemic’s disproportionate temporal impact on women—particularly on employment conditions and share of unpaid domestic labour and caring responsibilities.

Health • 12.10.2022

Reordering the concept of well-being with Epicurus and the hierarchy of desires


By: Riina Bhatia

Redefining happiness and wellbeing to ensure a sustainable future.

Work • 27.09.2022

Work time reduction or work time increase: What is the degrowth pathway?

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By: Markus Peter Sommersguter

This essay concentrates on the disputed topic of work time reduction in degrowth literature, exploring arguments both for a decrease and increase of work.

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