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A degrowth perspective on the coronavirus crisis

By: Constanza Hepp, Joëlle Saey-Volckrick, Joe Herbert, Nathan Barlow, Nick von Andrian, Andro Rilović, Jacob Smessaert


This letter will consider three points in detail: first, how the COVID-19 crisis is by no means degrowth; second, how COVID-19 shows that degrowth is needed; and finally, why COVID-19 indicates the potential for a degrowth transformation. Visions for Sustainability, vol. 14, december 2020

About the authors

Constanza Hepp

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Joëlle Saey-Volckrick

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Joe Herbert

Joe is a member of the degrowth.info collective, and part of the blog and communications working groups. He is based in London, and a founding member of Degrowth London. He tweets at @joefherb.

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Nathan Barlow

Nathan is currently a PhD candidate at the WU in Vienna. His research focuses on degrowth and strategies for social ecological transformation. He is an active member of Degrowth Vienna, and recently edited a collected volume titled "Degrowth & Strategy: how to bring about social ecological transformation". He enjoys working with well-organized groups to realize collective goals.

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Nick von Andrian

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Andro Rilović

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Andro is a PhD student in ecological economics and political ecology at the International Institute of Social Studies. Interested in degrowth & anarchism, and how they can be applied in creating new community development models.

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Jacob Smessaert

Jacob is currently doing a PhD in environmental social sciences at Utrecht University, focusing on democratic praxis in alternative food networks.

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