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International Initiatives


The international working groups emerged from the first degrowth movement assembly in Copenhagen in 2018. They differ from the degrowth realities showed on the map; those are locally organised, while the working groups connect people internationally. The editorial team of degrowth.info is an example of a working group. They are, at the moment, 4 organised working groups: 1) Activists and practitioners, 2) Research, 3) Online communication and networking, 4) Communication, publishing and editing via degrowth.info.

The second edition of the degrowth movement assembly will take place on August 23rd, 2021, previous to The Hague conference starting on the 24th. The aim of this meeting is to provide a space to further develop the plans and objectives of this emerging network and to collectively decide how we want to organize. While these first two meetings have been initiated by the support group, the idea is to establish a new group to facilitate future assemblies as well as communication and coordination of its members. To register to this event, click here.