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• 2023

A New Wave of Civic Activism: The Case of Social Movement Against the Construction of the Amulsar Gold Mine in Armenia

By: Adam Pomieciński

This chapter focuses on the radical activities and actions of the environmental movement related to the exploitation of gold in Amulsar, as well as global growth issues in the context of anti-capitalist logic and degrowth revision. The Amulsar gold mine is located 170 kilometers south of the capital of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan. It was created by the international concern Lydian Internat...

Scientific paper • 2022

African Ubuntu and Sustainable Development Goals: seeking human mutual relations and service in development

By: Dorine E. van Norren

It is generally assumed that ‘development’ is a universal concept, understood the same way in every culture. In Africa, progress is understood differently; human relations – including ancestors and future generations tied to the land – take precedence over development. The African concept of well-being is Ubuntu (I am a person through other persons), implemented in South Africa though truth and...

Scientific paper • 2021


Talk renewables, walk coal: The paradox of India's energy transition

By: Brototi Roy, Anke Schaffartzik

Coal is on the rise in India: despite the devasting impacts of the climate crisis, the awareness for land and forest rights, and political talk of a coal phase-out. In this article, we demonstrate that despite the renewables-led rhetoric, India is in the midst of a transition to (not away from) greater use of coal in its fossil energy system and in the electricity system in particular. We inv...

Interview • 2020


RAVEN DeBriefs: A Podcast - COVID Capitalism: The Case Against Coastal Gas Link with Caily DiPuma

By: Andrea Palframan

RAVEN DeBriefs are conversations between Indigenous thinkers, legal experts, organizers and community leaders exploring the shifting legal landscape upon which moments of crisis — and opportunity — are built. Season 1, Episode 4 - COVID Capitalism: The Case Against Coastal Gas Link with Caily DiPuma: Find out how Wet'suwet'en Nation are pushing back against fracked gas with a legal challe...

Scientific paper • 2020


Degrowth and critical agrarian studies

By: Julien-François Gerber

Abstract: Degrowth refers to a radical politico-economic reorganisation that leads to smaller and more equitable social metabolisms. Degrowth posits that such a transition is indispensable but also desirable. However, the conditions of its realisation require more research. This article argues that critical agrarian studies (CAS) and degrowth can enrich each other. The Agrarian Question and the...

Scientific paper • 2020


Environmental conflicts and defenders: a global overview

By: Arnim Scheidel, Daniela Del Bene, Juan Liu, Grettel Navas, Sara Mingorría, Federico Demaria, Sofía Avila, Brototi Roy, Irmak Ertör, Leah Temper, Joan Martínez-Alier

Recent research and policies recognize the importance of environmental defenders for global sustainability and emphasize their need for protection against violence and repression. However, effective support may benefit from a more systematic understanding of the underlying environmental conflicts, as well as from better knowledge on the factors that enable environmental defenders to mobilize ...

Scientific paper • 2020


Fiddling while the planet burns? COP25 in perspective

By: Peter Newell, Olivia Taylor

With fires, storms, social protests, and climate strikes sweeping the world, 2019 should have been a tipping point in how the world responds to global heating. This was the backdrop to the COP25 climate change summit which took place in Madrid in December 2019. This paper assesses the outcomes of the meeting and the path towards the critically important meeting in Glasgow at the end of 2020...

Scientific paper • 2020


Frame Disputes or Frame Consensus? “Environment” or “Welfare” First Amongst Climate Strike Protesters

By: Kaja Emilsson, Håkan Johansson, Magnus Wennerhag

Present debates suppose a close linkage between economic, social, and environmental sustainability and suggest that individual wellbeing and living standards need to be understood as directly linked to environmental concerns. Because social movements are often seen as an avant-garde in pushing for change, this article analyzes climate protesters’ support for three key frames in current periods ...

Scientific paper • 2019


De-growing environmental justice: Reflections from anti-mining movements in Eastern Europe

By: Irina Velicu

While the critique to economic growth is quintessential in the degrowth scholarship, one may observe a similar focus in various environmental justice movements around the world. This is particularly visible when it comes to the increasing perception that mega-development projects are both unjust and unsustainable, threatening the survival of people and environments. In this paper, we illustra...

Scientific paper • 2019


Governance from below and environmental justice: Community water management from the perspective of social metabolism

By: David Barkin, Mario Enrique Fuente-Carrasco, Ricardo Clark-Tapia

The Mexican neoliberal political regime created a hegemonic governance model (top-down) which has tried to impose a single definition for the rules of the distribution of the costs and benefits (environmental and economic) related to the appropriation of “natural resources” (fossil fuels, forests, mineral, water, genetic). Social metabolism is a framework that highlights the contribution of i...

Scientific paper • 2019


Need, Entitlement and Desert: A Distributive Justice Framework for Consumption Degrowth

By: Cle-Anne Gabriel, Carol Bond

Post-growth societies seek socio-ecological transformations towards a just and sustainable redistribution and reduced consumption of natural capital. There is no one universally just and ecologically sustainable way of fulfilling these redistribution and consumption objectives; it depends on the criteria used and their underlying ethical teleology. We suggest three distribution criteria, borrow...

Scientific paper • 2019


A socio-metabolic perspective on environmental justice and degrowth movements

By: Anke Schaffartzik, Arnim Scheidel

Degrowth and environmental justice movements share overarching aims of sustainability and justice and pursue them through radical social change and resistances. Both movements are diverse and comprised of groups that originate and operate in different contexts. The ever-growing metabolism of the world economy presents an obstacle to both movements' aims, while a socio-metabolic perspective un...

Scientific paper • 2019


Environmental justice, degrowth and post-capitalist futures

By: Neera M. Singh

Struggles for Environmental Justice, more widespread in the global South, are often framed as traditional societies defending “old ways of life”; while degrowth, a relatively new movement in the global North is seen as striving for a “new ways of life.” I argue that both assert or aspire for other ways of being and belonging to the world and open possibilities for post-capitalist futures. In th...

Scientific paper • 2019


Climate justice, commons, and degrowth

By: Patricia E. Perkins

Abstract: Economic inequality reduces the political space for addressing climate change, by producing fear-based populism. Only when the safety, social status, and livelihoods of all members of society are assured will voluntary, democratic decisions be possible to reverse climate change and fairly mitigate its effects. Socio-environmental and climate justice, commoning, and decolonization are...

Report • 2019


The Green New Deal for Europe: a blueprint for Europe's just transition

By: Teresa Anderson, Stefania Barca, Grace Blakeley, Friedrich Bohn, Sam Bright, Giacomo D'Alisa, Nick Dearden, Nicoletta Dentico, Laura C. Zanetti-Domingues, Dirk Ehnts, Skender Fani, Julia Fish, Charlotte Hanson, Jason Hickel, Nick Jacobs, Giorgos Kallis, Tessa Khan, Mat Lawrence, Laurie Laybourn-Langton, Emanuele Leonardi, Ruth London, Riccardo Mastini, Bill McKibben, Julian Brave NoiseCat, David Powell, Jérémy Rodrigues, Jakob Schäfer, Christoph Schneider, Giovanna Sissa, Isaac Stanley, Will Stronge, Sean Sweeney

Europe today confronts two crises. The first is an economic crisis, with rising levels of poverty, insecurity, and homelessness across the continent. The second is a climate and environmental crisis, with severe consequences for Europe’s front-line communities and even more perilous ones on the horizon. Both crises are the products of Europe’s political decisions, and they are closely bound t...

Scientific paper • 2019


Who promotes sustainability? Five theses on the relationships between the degrowth and the environmental justice movements

By: Bengi Akbulut, Federico Demaria, Julien-François Gerber, Joan Martínez-Alier

Environmental destructions, overconsumption and overdevelopment are felt by an increasing number of people. Voices for ‘prosperity without growth’ have strengthened and environmental conflicts are on the rise worldwide. This introduction to the special issue explores the possibility of an alliance between post-growth and ecological distribution conflicts (EDCs). It argues that among the vario...

Scientific paper • 2019


Decolonizing degrowth in the post-development convergence: Questions, experiences, and proposals from two Indigenous territories

By: Padini Nirmal, Dianne Rocheleau

Abstract: A growing coalition of degrowth scholar-activist(s) seeks to transform degrowth into an interdisciplinary and international field bridging a rising network of social and environmental justice movements. We offer constructive decolonial and feminist critiques to foster their productive alliances with multiple feminisms, Indigenous, post-development and pluriversal thought and design (...