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Basic Information


The Fourth International Degrowth Conference for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity took place in Leipzig, Germany from September 2nd to 6th 2014. Almost 3000 people took part in the conference. The conference consisted of more than 500 events. You could find keynote speeches, panel discussions, scientific talks, discussion workshops as well as practical workshops and artistic formats. The conference showed the interest that exists for degrowth in Germany and made it possible to tie closer connections between the German and the southern European degrowth debate. Furthermore, links between the degrowth movement and other movements were strengthened, such as the climate justice movement. If you wish to read more about what was discussed at the conference you can stroll through the programme database and the press-review or watch a video of one of the events.

Moreover, you can read the following background information: > What made the conference special? > The host town of Leipzig

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Strategies for Cultural Change: Degrowth and the Use of Space


By: Francesca Van Daele

Degrowth addresses the negative consequences of consumerism (psychological stress, long working hours and positional competition) and discusses the benefits of frugal lifestyles. Henri Lefebvre, a French philosopher from the 20th century, argues that if ideas or values are not physically implemented in space, they become mere fantasies. As such, if degrowth wishes to prevail, it has to leave it...


Commoning: a different way of living and acting together

By: Johannes Euler, Leslie Gauditz

From our project “Degrowth in Movement(s)“ Commons are products and resources that are created, cared for and used in a shared way in a great variety of forms. The term has increasingly come into use again over the past decades – “again“ because commons as concept and praxis are ancient and exist worldwide. Today, the research on the shared use of natural resources is mainly connected to the n...


Postgrowth Europe: The Next Big Civilization Experiment?

European flag1

Europe is exhausted. It is exhausted after long years of what is labeled as the Eurozone crisis. It is exhausted after years of economic success and – now – prolonged years of political failure. Every single attempt of deepening the political union of Europe after the enactment of the Maastricht Treaty in 1993 and the [...]