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Registration open, basic programme available


We are pleased to announce that registration to the conference is now open and the basic conference programme is available on our website: As of now, it includes seven keynote speeches and more than 20 panel discussions in addition to chosen scientific and artistic sessions. In the course of the coming weeks we will be completing the programme by around 250 further workshops and scientific sessions, so it is worth checking from time to time. 

Due to the great interest in the conference and the necessary limitation of participants we recommend to register as early as possible. However, many speeches and discussions will be video-streamed and published on our website for whoever will not be able to come to Leipzig.

In order to also enable people with little income to participate, the conference fee can be freely chosen based on our recommendations. We also offer cheap accommodation options such as camping and staying at private places. There will be vegan and regional food provided by a local cooperative.

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Summer School 2016: „give degrowth concepts a reality check“

It´s now the second time that the Degrowth Summer School will take place at the Climate Camp in the Rhineland. While last year´s event was under the banner of climate justice, this year it is called „skills for system change“. We´ve asked Christopher Laumanns from the organizing team about the reasoning behind it and what to expect at the camp. Why is the fusion between degrowth and the cl...


Degrowth by designed disaster?

No to austerity

By: Lasse Thiele

How the conflation with neoliberalism and austerity unfairly reduces the idea of degrowth to absurdity – and where the degrowth movement can turn for answers to the crisis. The degrowth movement has been developed in response to neoliberal reality, neoliberalism's comically reductive view of human nature, its ecological blindness and the rise in social inequality it has brought about. Austerit...


Different perspectives on degrowth in the light of the global crises

Leute audimax

By Christiane Kliemann "Facing the current crises: critique and resistance":  The motto of the second day´s conference programme takes into account that degrowth is mainly a concept from the global North which naturally has a different perspective on the mulitfaceted global crisis than social or ecological movements from other parts of the World. While degrowth can be described as "a downscali...