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30 – 02 September 2016

Budapest 2016

Budapest 2016

The fifth International Conference on Degrowth took place in Budapest from the 30th of August to the 2nd of September 2016. The conference was hosted by a post-socialist environment with the purpose to bring together degrowth conversations from different Eastern European regions. To facilitate this process several preparatory meetings were organised throughout the region. In line with this regional focus, the conference drew from Eastern European degrowth thinkers such as Karl Polanyi, Ivan Illich, Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen and André Gorz.

Although the organizing team aimed to build on the great success of the previous Degrowth Conference in Leipzig in September 2014 which welcomed more than 3000 participants from 74 countries, it aimed at hosting a convivial conference in the first place around the principle that “small is beautiful”... and meaningful.

> More information you can find on the conference website.

Documentation of the conference

> Videos from the conference
> several articles on our blog discuss various aspects of the conference
> some pictures from the degrowth week on facebook
> conference papers are available in the library

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