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05 – 08 July 2021

Manchester 2021

Joint International Conference with Ecological Economics, originally announced as the 7th Degrowth / 16th ISEE International Society for Ecological Economics Conference: "Building Alternative Livelihoods in times of ecological and political crisis"


Given the global Covid 19 pandemic the conference has to be postponed to the week of

July 5th 2021

A small online symposium specifically on the implications of Covid19 for ecological economics and degrowth was organised in September 2020. More information here.


Manchester, July 2021

Come to Manchester in July 2021 to meet with other activists, artists, policy-makers and scholars. We'll explore how we might meet our needs in ways more relevant to the worsening ecological, climate and social crisis: “alternative livelihoods”. Survival will mean an urgent transformation of the ways we organise, produce and consume. That means a society that knows when to slow down and stop its relentless expansion of production and consumption. In place of economic growth it would value sufficiency: enough, but not too much, for everyone. How can social and political momentum best be mobilised to bring about those changes democratically and with justice? This conference will discuss these many challenges. There will be workshops, debates and discussions, artistic performances, walking tours and installations on the themes of the conference. It will also seek to contribute to the local political debate. It will strive to demonstrate and explore cutting-edge thinking and practice and also encourage political mobilisation amongst academics, activists, artists and policy practitioners.

The OPEN CALL for contributions is now available here

  Conference website: https://tinyurl.com/Degrowth2020Mcr Conference email address: degrowth2020@manchester.ac.uk   See the announcement of the conference in Manchester here.

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