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29 – 01 June 2020

Vienna 2020

Degrowth Conference Vienna 2020: Strategies for a Social Ecological Transformation - Now online!

From May 29th – June 1st 2020, Vienna will host a thematic degrowth conference, focusing on Strategies for Social-Ecological Transformation. The Vienna conference will explicitly focus on exploring strategies for a degrowth transformation, complementing the 2020 international degrowth conference in Manchester. The conference is hosted by the association Degrowth Vienna as well as several university institutes from Vienna. It will now take place online!

The conference will have a participatory design, including a thorough documentation process to generate tangible outcomes for the degrowth movement and research community. The conference consists of two main parts, firstly understanding past and future transformations and the role of strategies and secondly, strategies in practice.

Registration is open and free for all! Please register in advance of the conference using this link on the website: https://www.degrowthvienna2020.org/en/participant-registration/


Many thanks!
The Degrowth Vienna 2020 Team

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