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03 – 17 June 2024

10th Degrowth Summer School

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This year’s summer school is going to be special. We invite you to join us for two weeks of discussions, workshops and excursions around the topics of degrowth, decolonization and green extractivism.

It is divided into two weeks: One static week in Barcelona (3rd-9th June) of urban, (g)localised learning, discussing the foundations of degrowth, (green) extractivism and neocolonialism, the energy transition and green sacrifice zones. It is followed by a one-week bike trip through Galicia (10th-17th June), a regional, rural, embodied experience of degrowth theories and practices, visiting local groups and social movements that are actively fighting the problems caused by unlimited growth in the area. The final destination will be Pontevedra, Galicia, where we will attend the 10th International Degrowth Conference and 15th European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE) Conference, from June 18 to 21, with the possibility to join the 5th International Assembly of the Degrowth movement.

First Week of the 10th Degrowth Summer School

Location: Barcelona
Dates: June 3-9, 2024

We will start the Summer School with the celebration of the Welcome Day, a community event with food and talks.

The rest of the week we will have a program full of inspiring content, laying the foundations for degrowth and exploring fundamental topics such as extractivism and decolonization, in addition to talking about green sacrifice zones and the energy transition.

We will also visit inspiring projects in the city that propose alternatives to the current socio-economic model and that are committed to social transformation.

Degrowth Bike Caravan

Location: Galicia
Dates: June 10-17, 2024

In the second week of the Summer School we will go on a bike trip that will begin in Ourense and end in Pontevedra, where the next International Degrowth Conference will take place, from June 18 to 21.

We will take the train from Barcelona to Oursense where we will start cycling. It will be a situated and embodied learning experience on the consequences of unlimited growth and the problems caused by extractivist projects in the name of the renewable transition. We will connect with local groups and social movements that are actively fighting against the logic of growth in different areas. Our intention is to listen to stories and learn from local knowledge and visions to bear witness and show solidarity with those resisting extractivism on the front lines.

The biking part of the experience will not be too difficult. We will be biking an average of 20-30 km per day with some resting places and taking healthy brakes. We are working hard on planning fun, accessible routes! The caravan will consist of between 30 and 50 participants, among whom will be students from the first week of summer school, members of our association Research & Degrowth, and other degrowth supporters who want to accompany us. Bike arrangements offer the option to bring your own bike (via postal service to Ourense) or rent one in Ourense.

The applications are now closed. For more information about the degrowth summer schools, visit here.

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