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17 June 2024

5th International Assembly of the Degrowth Movement


Pre-conference Assembly of the Degrowth Movement

Assemblies are the space for degrowthers, activists, practitioners, researchers, artists, IDN members, and allies to meet and exchange on how best to collaborate and spread degrowth ideas, policies and practices. Importantly, Assemblies are also a space to connect and share convivial experiences.

This year’s Assembly will take place just before the International ESEE-Degrowth Conference in Ponteverda, and will focus on building on what was started in Zagreb - that is to say, structuring actors and organisations of the degrowth movement in a more cohesive, collaborative and coherent manner. There will, of course, be room for conversations, debates and feedback on the direction, structure, and functioning that the IDN is taking, as well as time for the movement to connect, share, laugh and strategise.

General Information

Date & Time: 17th of June, 2024. Plan for a full day (9:30 - 18:00 CEST) of activities and convivial moments, with a celebration in the evening!

Participants: Anyone belonging to the degrowth movement, who identifies as an ally, or who is interested in participating may attend. The IDN recommends that each member group (see the list of member groups here) sends two participants on its behalf.

Registration: You can register here. Please note that registration (for both online and in person participation) is mandatory and that everyone is welcome to attend.

Location: Escola de Enxeñaría Forestal (School of Forestry Engineering), Pontevedra. The video conference link will be shared with registrants closer to the time.

Programme: To be announced. Note that the Assembly will spread throughout the day (9h30-18h CEST) and that working sessions will alternate with convivial breaks, lunch, guided brainstorms and collective discussions.

Catering: Lunch, hot beverages and snacks will be provided to participants free of charge. We will do our best to ensure all accessibility needs and dietary restrictions are met. Please bring a cup/mug for your beverages to reduce waste. If you want to eat your provided lunch outisde you will need to bring your own container/plate and cutlery.

Contact and further information: Please reach out to info[at]degrowth. net for any questions, concerns, or suggestions.
If you register, we will be sending you a document in advance with some proposals and ideas that will be presented in The Assembly. This will help you be as prepared as possible for "feedback" session of The Assembly.

Official information and updates about The Pontevedra Assembly can be found here.

For more information on the history of The Degrowth Movement Assemblies see here.

In care and solidarity,
The IDN team <3

*Please do not confuse The Movement Assembly with the Degrowth Conference also taking place in Pontevedra. For info on the conference see here.

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