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28 – 03 August 2024

Alt-Shift Festival 2024

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We are Shift Slow, a youth-led organisation devoted to creating informal educational opportunities on post-growth and degrowth futures. Our main activity is organising the Alt Shift Festival, a degrowth festival that offers critical and creative education on post-growth cultures and eco-social strategies. It is a festival that creates a space for fun, emotional learning and sharing on degrowth topics. It is a festival that builds a community of care and solidarity that supports the local community and environment.

AltShift 2024 is all about building alliances!

Next to our good old degrowthers, we explicitly welcome friends and allies from other eco socialist and social justice movements such as the climate justice movement, feminist abolitionism, queer and trans movements, migrant solidarity and black and indigenous rights movements. We want to create a space to learn from each other and support our connected struggles. Join us in this endeavour!


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