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13 – 15 May 2024

Beyond Growth Conference: Austria 2024

The Beyond Growth Conference Austria 2024 is a congress modeled on the event of the same name at the EU Parliament in Brussels. The event brings together politicians and decision-makers, media representatives and multipliers. Together with the social partnership, business, science, civil society and citizens, we will work out ways to achieve sustainable prosperity.

Currently, sales and profits must continue to rise. This pressure to grow is causing many problems - such as inflation and the climate crisis. The idea that the economy can and must grow indefinitely on a planet with limited resources is increasingly being questioned.

Growth does not automatically bring prosperity for all. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that many people are at risk of poverty despite having a job, the majority of the population has problems paying their bills and more and more environmental problems are arising. Our economy is reaching its limits.

More information available here.

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This event is part of a series of "Beyond Growth" conferences. Across Europe, policymakers, academics, and civil society are working hard through a series of national events to debate the pressing need to transform the economic system, moving beyond a simple focus on growth. So far, at least five "Beyond Growth" conferences have been confirmed in Austria, Denmark, France, Ireland and Italy, most of which will take place within national parliaments. Read about it here.

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