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19 – 20 April 2024

Beyond Growth Conference: Italia 2024

Our civilization is at a critical crossroads. The multidimensional and multi-sectoral crises that threaten the very foundations of human life forcefully bring to the fore the need to explore alternative avenues to relentless economic growth.

This two-day event stands at the center of such reflections, offering itself as a fertile meeting ground for alternative visions and sustainable solutions. The choice of a prominent institutional setting to host the meetings is not accidental, but reflects the deep conviction that transformation toward more sustainable patterns of living requires open and constructive dialogue between civil society and the highest levels of policy-making. Through the participation of key figures and expert-led discussion, the intent is to critically explore the paradigms of sustainable development, post-growth and degrowth, addressing pressing issues such as the climate and ecological crisis, the reorganization of work, welfare and care from a degrowth perspective, and the importance of translating this into concrete action.

Each moment is designed to stimulate deep and constructive dialogue, aiming to outline with policymakers, academics, activists and citizens an equitable and regenerative future that respects the limits of our planet and the needs of future generations.

A two-day event

On April 19, from 2 to 7 p.m., the Chamber of Deputies will host a first conference divided into 3 panels, involving academics, politicians and journalists. Sustainable development vs post-growth, work, care and welfare, will be the pivotal themes that will be explored, with a final debate between representatives of Green Europe - Greens, 5 Star Movement, Italian Left and Democratic Party.

On April 20, a day of open discussions will be held at the City of the Other Economy, the theme of which will be degrowth as a political imaginary and a useful strategy for social movements. The day will be entirely dedicated to exploring and strengthening the dialogue between degrowth and social movements, to discuss what alliances, what synergies and what exchanges can be put in place to contribute to a socioecological transformation. The event will be organized into several discussion tables involving climate and environmental justice groups and movements; territorial defense and anti-harm groups; social justice movements; workers' collectives and peasant movements; and movements for intersectional justice and decoloniality. The tables will open with talks by activists and researchers who will try to frame and give input on how it can be useful to talk about degrowth in these different but interconnected fields.

More information available here.

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This event is part of a series of "Beyond Growth" conferences. Across Europe, policymakers, academics, and civil society are working hard through a series of national events to debate the pressing need to transform the economic system, moving beyond a simple focus on growth. So far, at least five "Beyond Growth" conferences have been confirmed in Austria, Denmark, France, Ireland and Italy, most of which will take place within national parliaments. Read about it here.

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