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Feminism(s) and Degrowth Alliance (FaDA)

The Feminisms and Degrowth Alliance (FaDA) is an inclusive network of academics, activists, and practitioners. FaDa aims at fostering dialogue between feminists and degrowth proponents and at integrating gender analysis and reasonings into degrowth activism and scholarship. The network was launched in September 2016 at the 5th International Degrowth Conference in Budapest. A survey conducted before the 2018 conferences in Malmö, Mexico City, and Brussels showed that FaDA members are coming from and are located (nearly) all over the world, have an immense variety of activist, academic, and professional backgrounds and diverse experiences in feminisms and/or degrowth in a more theoretical and everyday-life perspective. Since the 2018 conferences, FaDA has seen an increase in activities. 

Feminist degrowth is an interface of feminisms and degrowth. As a principle, there should be no degrowth without feminism. Environmental justice does not only require social justice, but recognising the gendered nature of injustices as well as the role gender plays in every aspect of our lives because of its embedment in the family, the workplace, communities, the state, as well as in sexuality, language, and culture. Theorizing and practicing feminist degrowth is a collective, ongoing process.

FaDa acts as a collective platform for feminist degrowth activities, such as

These and other activities are based on voluntary work by FaDA members. 

FaDA's main tool of communication is the FADA mailing list, to which you can subscribe by sending an empty email to fada-subscribe@lists.riseup.net. FaDA uses this project space at degrowth.info to publish collective research notes and other resources. We also have a twitter account – you can follow us @fem_degrowth and meet occasionally for open meetings and dialogue. Anyone can join via the listserv email account!  

At the moment, the FaDA coordination group is the only solid structure of FaDA. It arranges meetings, manages connections and takes care of communication. Anyone interested in the coordination work can volunteer by sending an email to fada-feminismsanddegrowth@riseup.net. Both the coordination group and the FaDA network are open and inclusive – we are always happy to welcome new members!

Coordination group composition 

December 2020: Mariam Abazeri, Corinna Dengler, Eeva Houtbeckers, Siri Kjellberg, Elisabeth Skarðhamar Olsen, Anna Saave and Katy Wiese.

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