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Global Degrowth Day – Good Life for All

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In 2023 the Global Degrowth Day will be on June 3rd!

Again, many different public events all over the world will be organised to share alternatives to a growth based society. They want to show: A good life for all is possible!

All people, groups, organizations and movements that feel connected to the idea of a good life for all are asked to participate. Create local actions and events that show alternative ways and ideas leading beyond a society that relies on economic growth. We want to make these ideas visible for as many people as possible. This global action day helps to connect different existing initiatives to be part of a colorful and diverse movement for degrowth.

What do we mean by “a good life for all”?

A good life for all requires a society that aims at the well-being of all people and protects the ecological basis of life. This can only be achieved by a fundamental change in our current mode of living and production as well as a comprehensive cultural change. For us, the values of such a society include mindfulness, deceleration, solidarity and cooperation in order to make possible a self-determined life in dignity for all. Among other things we need: a careful handling of resources, the orientation towards sufficiency and a reduction of production and consumption in the Global North. We also need to develop more democratic forms of decision-making to enable genuine political participation, and to reduce global structures of domination and exploitation, such as racism, sexism and neo-colonialism, so that everyone can actually participate in the good life. Such an approach is also called degrowth or post-growth. See also what is degrowth.

Focus Topic

This year the focus topic will be autonomy. Stay tuned!


We want to show concrete scope for action and alternatives to the capitalist growth society. A good life for all is possible!

Organize a picnic and talk about a “good life for all” – change often starts with a relaxed chat around good food. Or what about a public debate with degrowth activists, a bicycle tour to a local CSA farm (Community Supported Agriculture), a visit to the next Repair Café, a lecture, a flashmob, an information booth, a small festival, a demonstration in front of a coal power plant… you can decide! Anyway, we recommend to have during, before or after the event, a convivial part, where people can interact and share food/drinks together. 

Register your Event!

To make your event visible to the world, register it in the "map of tomorrow":

Click on „Add a new entry“
Choose „Event“ in the first line (category)
Enter a title, start and end date/time, a description and a location.
Don‘t forget to add the tag gdd2023
Check the license check box.
Then press „save“.

Document your event! Here you can place your pictures and documentation. For social media, use #GlobalDegrowthDay2023. The Global Degrowth Day is also on facebook: www.facebook.com/GlobalDegrowthDay  – visit, follow and share! You can also announce your event and share pictures there.

Toolkit for the Action Day

Here you can find and download some useful documents:

Past events


Who we are

We are part of the “Activism” working group of the international degrowth movement. You can reach us here: globalday@degrowth.net