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Global Degrowth Day 2024

This year, the Global Degrowth Day (GDD) will be celebrated on June 20 during the 15th International ESEE and 10th Degrowth Conference in Pontevedra, both on-site and globally through delocalized actions.

The Activism Circle of the International Degrowth Network (IDN) is organizing an on-site action and celebration in Pontevedra, and would like to invite you all to join!


  • How to join in Pontevedra, Spain:

This invitation is for all Conference attendees, local civil society organizations, activist groups, collectives and individuals that will physically be in Pontevedra, Spain on June 20. The celebration will take place at 9PM CET at park Alameda.

The event will start with a welcoming session where the details of the evening will be shared. Local activist groups will make a strong presence and spread their message. The event will close with music and dance to celebrate this year's Global Degrowth Day.

Prior to the event, a workshop will be held to create banners and materials at the tends area of the Campus A Xunqueira. We would love to see you there, too! See the related announcement at the Conference's webpage.

  • For anyone who cannot physically attend the event in Pontevedra:

The Activism Circle of the International Degrowth Network (IDN) is inviting you to participate in this year's Global Degrowth Day by organizing a public action or event in your area, preferably on June 20 or whenever more convenient for you close to that date.

The invitation for delocalized actions is open to groups, organizations, collectives, movements, or individuals who wish to connect with their local communities and needs, as well as initiatives worldwide.

Examples of actions/events:

- Host a discussion on the socio-ecological impacts of endless economic growth manifested in privatization of natural resources in your area.

- Organize a demonstration for a local social or environmental struggle, voicing your demands to municipalities and governments.
- Host a workshop on degrowth and its intersection with a topic of interest.

- Facilitate a gathering to discuss a pressing issue in your local context from a critical perspective and co-design actions for local advocacy.

- Or simply gather up for a picnic and conviviality.

Everything goes!

Register your Event!

If you wish to contribute to this year's GDD delocalized actions, please fill out this form

Document your event!

We would love to hear from you and receive material from your actions which we can communicate in our channels. Here you can place your pictures and documentation. 

Toolkit for the Action Day

Here you can find and download some useful documents:
* Logo
* Poster/Flyer Template
* Collection of Ideas
* How To Organise An Event

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You can reach us here: activism(at)degrowth.net