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Decolonizing technology and political ecology futures

Susan Paulson

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Rather than glorify or condemn types of technology, this commentary pursues questions about sociocultural systems that co-evolve with technology and that shape its purposes and impacts. I highlight attention among degrowth advocates to political economies that generate techno-environmental phenomena, noting participant efforts to respond to ecosocial problems by changing their own societies with attention to power and justice. In contrast, ecomodernist reliance on an authoritative voice unmarked by race/class/gender/nationality to promote global technical plans leads me to interrogate the role that unacknowledged identities may play in motivating the deployment of techno-fixes rather than sociopolitical transformation. Conclusions raise questions about a third way, ecosocialism, that brings modernist faith in largescale industrial technology together with degrowth commitment to systemic change toward more equitable and resilient worlds. Keywords: Degrowth, Ecomodernism, Decolonial, Gender, Racialization

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