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Deep Commons 2022 - Conference Archive

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Department of Government and Politics, University College Cork, Ireland; La Terre Institute for Community and Ecology, Mississippi, USA


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Building on the growing body of work that repositions love, care and solidarity relations as central to social reproduction and fundamentally constitutive of society, our first conference explored the interdependent and entangled nature of contemporary political struggles, linking ecological, anti-capitalist, feminist and indigenous politics intersectionally, and extending our understanding of what constitutes revolutionary transformation towards a far more comprehensive redefinition of our social ecologies across all spheres of life. 

The event involved over 120 speakers and a diverse range of panel presentations, workshops, discussion, and an online exhibition - bringing together activists and scholars from across the world to focus on one key question:  How do we do it?  How do we cultivate ecologies of solidarity and care beyond capitalism, anthroparchy, patriarchy, racism and the state?

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